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Lorraine Maita, MD

Award-Winning Physician, Speaker and Author

Lorraine Maita, MD is a sought-after speaker and author who is Board Certified in Internal  Medicine and has over 18 years of experience in Preventive Health and Wellness, Internal, Occupational and Travel Medicine and Executive Health at Fortune 100 companies.  The award-winning doctor and author of Vibrance for Life®: How to Live Younger and Happier, has developed a unique, customizable anti-aging program and is an expert in weight loss, skin care, advanced testing and metabolic makeovers.  Dr. Maita’s book, private practice and presentations allow others to regain their lives, relieve aches and pains, restore intimacy in their relationships, become more motivated to eat right and exercise, and improve personal and professional performance, physical strength and mental clarity and much more.


As an informative speaker who has presented to clients like Kraft Foods, Pfizer, Liberty Drug and others, Dr. Maita shares her extensive knowledge through on-site educational programs to businesses and organizations aspiring to promote greater vitality and optimum health. During her speaking engagements, Dr. Maita demystifies the aging process and gives individuals the knowledge and skills needed to live the life they have imagined.

Some of the topics Dr. Maita can discuss include:

  • Why bioidentical hormones are different than synthetic hormones and what you need to know before taking any of them.
  • How not to get rusty, crusty, fat and inflamed and stay young and vibrant.
  • Biggest mistakes people make with supplements
  • How to preserve your memory

Dr.Maita’s presentations include:

  • Slim, Sharp, Sexy and Supercharged
  • Food as medicine
  • The Secrets of How to Live Younger and Healthier
  • Top anti-aging tips
  • Hormone harmony
  • Lifestyle Choices- Do they sustain you or drain you?
  • Your personal best: How to live younger and become more productive
  • Food through the ages, foods that age
  • Weight Loss Prescription


For more information, please visit www.howtoliveyounger.com

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